Everything in the Universe is made up of pure energy in a constant state of motion, vibrating at different frequencies. Vibration and resonant frequency have 

the power to hugely affect us on a physical, mental, and emotional level. 


Matilde Castro is a sound meditation practitioner and a music teacher.


She studied violin and singing at the National Conservatory of Lisbon and classical singing at the Dutch Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Further, she has made research in the area of music development in early childhood, studying the Music Learning Theory developed by American researcher, teacher and author Edwin E. Gordon and adapting it to her very own music class concept.


In 2001 she founded Luistergoed, a music center in Amsterdam, ​​where she teaches a music program aimed at stimulating all areas of the developing child, but specifically her/his musical development, within a nurturing rich musical environment.


The therapeutic dimension of sound and music has been playing a role of utmost importance in her music practice throughout the years.  Inspired by the ancient tradition of Nada Yoga, by her own inner research within her practice of music, yoga and meditation, she set out to investigate how sound vibration can positively affect our body and mind.

Matilde Castro

Matilde began Sound Compass, a practice aimed at improving listening awareness and restoring well-being through the power of sound. During her sessions, she creates an inspiring, nurturing experience which invites people to be fully immersed in the present.


Her deepest wish is to enhance deep human connection with ourselves and others through listening.

Sound Compass provides a subtle and delicate experience, appealing to our primordial need of intentional listening, deep awareness and inner peace.

Sound Sessions

Marble Surface
Shadow on Concrete Wall

One on One Yin Session
full-body listening experience

During a Sound Compass Yin Session you will be surrounded by soothing and restorative resonances which will allow your brain waves to slow down. You will be invited into a state of deep relaxation. This deeper state of consciousness is the ideal environment for the activation of your innate self-healing capacity.


While you comfortably lie down on the floor, various instruments will be played for you: Himalayan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, wind chimes, wind gong, rain stick, among others. 

There is special attention given to sound volume, insuring that the hearing experience remains safe, gentle and therefore pleasant.


The goal of this nurturing experience is to invite deep rest and relaxation, and explore self-inquiry and self-discovery.

One on One Yang Session
active sound producing experience

During a Sound Compass Yang Session you will be invited to actively play all the available instruments in the studio, in order to achieve a nurturing state of deep relaxation.


You definitely don't need any previous experience with making music or with playing any instrument. This is a space for creativity, self discovery, cooperation and freedom from pre-concepted ideas.

You'll be guided throughout your sound journey with special attention to sound volume, insuring that the hearing experience remains safe, gentle and therefore pleasant.


Allow yourself to experience the benefits of pure sound. Release yourself from limiting beliefs. Create your own healing environment. Enjoy the benefits of making sound together. 

Sound Bath for groups

A group Sound Bath is a journey of sound meditation that supports deep relaxation where stress release and balancing can occur in a safe and nurturing environment. It is a gentle yet powerful vibrational repatterning experience for the mind and body.


Matilde's sound sessions are truly warm and inspiring experiences. I feel much more balanced and focused. I'm already looking forward for the next one!

Clara Just

I was not very sure of what to expect in the beginning, as I tend to be very analytical and rational. However this session has positively impacted my whole being. Profoundly relaxing.

Paul Keller

Fantastic! I felt the vibrations all over my body. The sounds of the bowls are transformative and rejuvenating. I've not felt so good in a long time after attending this private sound bath. Thank you!

Julia Santos